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Vivre et mourir au bord du Gange
Jean-François Lixon

The author, Jean-François Lixon, brought back from several trips to Benares, striking photographs and the feeling that this city is to India what India is to the world. A compendium of spiritualities. Exceptional characters, unusual situations, portraits full of humanity, a world of exacerbated and touching colors.

Photographies and texts : Jean-François LIxon

Preface : Isabelle Lacamp
Size : 20/20
84 pages
Price : 20€ + 2,80 € for shipping

Japan Blues - Evelyne Jousset

Japan is a confusing country. For lack of space, it soars towards the sky and spreads out in an underground life. Between two skyscrapers, an old temple welcomes a people imbued with spirituality, without excess. And it is this contrast between the profane and the sacred that daily creates a feeling of melancholy. A kind of blues.

Size 20/20
44 pages, photographies B&W
Price : 14€
(2€80 for shipping)
ISBN : 978-2-918482-02-4

Indiennes - Evelyne Jousset

How to photograph a country as exotic as India without falling into routine? Because this country is only color and movement. It is a cultural reality that leaves no one indifferent. It is in a certain way this reality that makes us forget the other, harder, overpopulation, misery, fanaticism, and real economic development, which nevertheless leave millions of people on the platform.  Evelyne Jousset has been traveling for years in this region of the world. She wanted to capture an emotion, which arises from a look, and from situations. This look she put on Indian women. They occupy a special place in this country, both conquerors and victims. Texts taken from travel diaries accompany 28 color photographs.

Size 12/18 cm
90 pages, 28 photographies

Price : 15€
(2€80 for shipping)

Algérie le temps suspendu
Patrick Mesner

In 1993, photographer Patrick Mesner returned to Algeria. The country where he was born. He wanted to photograph the Civil War, those years of lead. A war that left more than 200,000 dead. His gaze is above all, human. It shows life in a chaotic daily life.

Photography and text : Patrick Mesner
Size : 18/12
Black & white

106 pages
Price : 15€ +2,80€ for shipping

Regard de soie - Evelyne Jousset

In the Japan of the 3rd millennium, a tradition is remembered to young people and those who have forgotten it. The geishas fed the craziest fantasies. Between reality and legend, beyond borders, they marked an almost universal culture. In Japan we rediscover them, and we try to bring them back to life as closely as possible to their history. But nothing will ever be the same again, in the land of the rising sun. The geishas of today, a few dozen, are more products of tourist marketing than the phenomenon of a society, as in the past. There remains the art, the beauty, the intelligence that they maintain and reveal with pleasure during major events. Or in the walls of old tea houses preserved from the passing of time.

Size 12/18 cm
100 pages, 32 photographies

Price : 12€50
(2€80 for shipping)