Algeria the lost generation

Production : L’Esprit du monde  / 52’ / 2012

Broadcast : France 3

Synopsis: We were between 3 and 10 years old when we left Algeria in 1962. What remains of that time in us? Broken childhood? Have we rebuilt ourselves? As they age with peace of mind and a curious gaze, this last generation looks to the past and takes stock, 50 years after the Algerian war of independence. Another look at this page of history.

Haiti the country outside

Production: L’Esprit du monde / 52 mn / 2010 

Broadcast: TSR, France 3 Ouest and KTO

Synopsis : Five months before the terrible earthquake that devastated Port au Prince and its region, on January 12, 2010, Evelyne Garcia Jousset shot a documentary on the feeling of inner exile, an all too faithful companion of an already chaotic life. To live meant to survive, and if hope existed, it was very quickly stifled by the unbearable everyday life. This journey into Haitian society now bears witness to history.

Christians in the homeland of Buddha of Evelyne Garcia Jousset

Production: L’Esprit du monde  / 52 mn / 2008 

Broadcast: TSR

Synopsis : In the most Buddhist region of India, in Ladakh, remains the oldest Christian community in the Himalayas. These are Moravian Protestants, descendants of populations converted by German missionaries at the end of the 19th century. At the same time, a Catholic mission also tried to establish itself, without success, because of the altitude and the cold. Today the Catholics have returned, and along with the Protestants, they participate in Ladakhi life among Muslims and Buddhists.

The missionaries of the lost paradise by Evelyne Garcia Jousset

Production: L’esprit du monde  / 52 and 26 mins / 2008 

Broadcast: TSR, KTO, France 2

Synopsis: In the city of Jammu, 20 km from the Pakistani border, in India, Bishop Peter Celestine is at the head of a “virtual” Catholic community. It is made up of 10,000 faithful, mostly families of soldiers stationed in the “most explosive region of the globe”. Along the line of control, he goes from mission to mission and organizes improbable meetings with the representatives of all the religious communities. His objective, to succeed with them, which politicians cannot achieve: Peace.